The Nitty Gritty of Grout Cleaning

grout cleaning floorGrout can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare or best friend, depending on the situation. It locks tiles tight, keeps out water, and helps the floors look properly finished. But when grout becomes stained and dirty, it draws unwanted negative attention.

Unfortunately, grout can be a royal pain to clean effectively. With its narrow and widespread porous nature, cleaning grout on your own could take your entire weekend and more than all of your patience, which is why it’s far more efficient to hire a professional cleaning company to take care of your grout and save you the headache.

Whether you’re considering cleaning your grout yourself or definitely hiring a grout cleaning expert, here’s what you should know ahead of time.

Go With Oxygen Bleach

Unlike regular harsh bleach, oxygen bleach is nontoxic, doesn’t subject the user to harsh fumes, and is color safe. It even removes most food and grease stains with minimal scrubbing because the oxygen ions attack stain molecules and break them into pieces.

Clean it Regularly

Spot cleaning can be a huge help to extending the life of your grout and making the overall cleaning much easier. This is as simple as spraying and wiping with vinegar on a monthly basis or spot treating when a stain comes evident.

Wipe it Dry

If your grout is in the shower, try to maintain a habit of wiping it down after you’ve bathed, especially if you live in a humid climate. Water, soap, and humidity breed mold, and the last thing you want is mold overtaking your beautiful grout. Remember, grout is porous, so whatever lands on your grout will be absorbed. You can even buy a squeegee and wipe away the water quickly. Your kids will think it’s a game!

Though grout blends into tile when it’s well maintained, dirty grout jumps out like a sore thumb. Rather than stressing yourself out with the matter, hire professionals that can bring your grout back to life. Visit