The Keys to Successful Fence Painting

The impact of a well-maintained fence on a home’s aesthetics and curb appeal cannot be underestimated! Considering that your fence withstands the relentless heat of summer, strong storm winds, cool winter temperatures, and pounding rain, it’s not exactly a mystery as to why the fence requires some TLC every now and again.

Painting a wooden or Tampa PVC fence in particular should be done every few years to ensure the best appearance. This is quite a task to complete, which is why professional fence companies often offer this service. If you’re determined to have a go at it yourself, here are some tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Prepare Strategically

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as grabbing a bucket of paint and a few brushes and heading outside. You first need to mow the lawn and trim around the fence bottom to ensure nothing is in the way during painting. It’s also best to power wash the fence before painting so that built up dirt and grime don’t interfere with the paint. Remember bleach if you come across mildew or mold spots. In addition, the old paint needs to be scraped away and possibly sanded depending on the condition. It’s also always a good idea to tape the hardware and place a drop cloth around the fence area in case of accidental paint spills or drops.

Work in Sections

This large scale project will feel much more manageable if you break the fence into chunks and complete one at a time. This organized discipline will help you remain focused on one end goal instead of becoming distracted and starting three or four sections at once. The last thing you want is vinyl fences tampa with uneven paint marks from varying outdoor conditions and paint blends as you bounced back and forth around the fence. It’s also smart to choose a routine, like always starting at the top, painting down the front and along one edge.

Choose Your Timing Wisely

Direct sun will dry your paint too fast, so it’s best to work in the morning or evening. Of course, don’t begin your work when the forecast is predicting any rain!

With the right preparation and diligence you can paint your fence for a beautiful home renovation. Of course, if it’s beyond the scope of the work you want to do, call in the Sarasota fence experts and watch them work their magic!