Should You Consider a Solar Hot Water Heater?


Americans are creatures of habit, which may explain why the majority of homeowners still use standard electric and gas energy when renewable alternatives like solar power are so much more efficient. If you’re ready to build your own home or just itching to renovate your current house, installing a solar water heater is one of the best things you can do for your bank account and the environment. Not sure how to do it yourself? No problem. Call your nearest Clearwater plumbing company for the support you need.

The Basics of Solar Water Heating
As with all solar energy tools, a solar water heater uses a collector to capture and hold heat from the sun. That heat is transferred into a liquid to be stored until it is used. This can be conceptualized by placing a tank of water in the sun. Eventually, heat from the sun warms the metal tank and the water alike. If a glass top were added to the tank, and an insulated box around the sides, the heat would be retained more effectively than if the tank sat plainly open.

Using this rationale, many Tampa solar water heaters use a flat plate collector, which is a large flat surface that absorbs as much heat from the sun as possible. The small tubes connected to the plate run fluid to collect the head coming from the flat plate. Where flat plate collectors can’t work well, an evacuated tube is used instead. This type of collector is long, skinny, and situated inside a glass tube. Since the air is evacuated out, it basically works like a thermos.

Regardless of the type of hot water system you would use, it would harness the free and nearly constantly available power from the sun to warm the water you use in your home.

Benefits of Solar Hot Water
There are so many benefits to switching to solar hot water, it’s hard to choose the best perk. First of all, you will become energy independent. Rather than relying on your energy company for electricity and wondering how fossil fuel supplies will impact future prices, you can receive your own source of energy to keep your water hot.

In addition, you will rest easy knowing that you are doing something positive for the environment. So much pollution and environmental damage occur due to the burning of fossil fuels. But with solar heated water, every hot shower that you take can be free of energy consumption guilt.

Lastly, of course, are the financial benefits. No more high electric or gas bills! You can easily recuperate the cost of the hot water system in just a few years, and the government offers tax breaks and other incentives for anybody who installs a solar system!