Creating Asphalt Driveways: A Start to Finish Guide


Your driveway is the metaphorical yellow brick road leading to your home. Not only does it make the first impression to guests and visitors, but it also needs to serve functionality for parking, toy storage, bike riding, and maybe even a barbeque or two. Perhaps you are in the process now of building your own house and seeking guidance on what to do about a driveway, or maybe you’re unhappy with your existing driveway. An asphalt driveway relatively simple to install, affordable, and easy enough to maintain. Here’s your start to finish guide to see what adding an asphalt driveway entails.

The Foundation: When it comes to a foundation, your driveway needs a solid base just like your house does. This below-the-asphalt element needs to provide a stable surface for the pavement and provide a barrier to prevent weather-related damages. If the foundation, called a sub-base, is built with poor quality, then the entire driveway will have a far shorter lifespan.

Drainage: Rain water needs to go somewhere, and you definitely don’t want it in a huge lake that you used to call your front yard! Your Kirkland paving contractor will know how to develop a drainage plan customized to your driveway. Sometimes this involves a subtle incline to help water flow away from the house.

Hot Mix Asphalt: This engineered mix of stone, stand, and petroleum is heated, mixed, and delivered to your driveway for paving. As long as you hire a company that uses high quality aggregate, your driveway will look even, smooth, and very aesthetically pleasing.

Repaving: After many years of use, you’ll notice that your asphalt lacks the shiny black appearance it once had. You might also find cracks or small holes from standard wear-and-tear. The asphalt can simply be repaved with a fresh layer of aggregate to help it look like new once again.

This is definitely a job for the professionals. Find an asphalt company that can help you create a stunning driveway.