Beautiful and Practical Screen Room Ideas

Adding a screen room to any home is a perfect and simple way to let the outside in. Not only do screen rooms boost home value and add enjoyable living space to your house, but they also allow you to enjoy the outdoors comfortably protected from bugs and unpleasant weather says the owner of Tampa outdoor improvement company ARM Aluminum Inc.

Based on your budget, style, and needs, a screen room can range from simple and basic to custom-designed and sophisticated. There are so many beautiful yet practical applications for a screen room that choosing is probably the hardest part!

First off, find an aluminum company that specializes in screen rooms to build your dream room at an affordable price. Next, discuss possible design ideas and plan for the newest addition to your yard.

screen room on house

Screen in Existing Porch, Deck, or Patio

If you already have the roof and walls in place, you may choose the easiest options and just screen in what’s already there. This technique serves as a magic act upon your home, and the simple transformation will make your house look like a totally new place. This is also a much quicker project that could be done in just one day or weekend, depending on the size.

Build a New Screen Room From the Ground Up

While this is certainly a more costly and time consuming project, it’s very well worth it if you’re seeking a screen room replacement that can help you enjoy the outdoors all year long. This involves choosing the location, exterior architecture, and materials for your porch. Try to minimize noise, maximize your view, and design with the sun in mind.

Design Ideas

Attention to detail will help your porch maintain aesthetic consistency with the rest of your home while simultaneously making a statement of architectural beauty. Try using larger frames for a bold look and arched screen panels for a softer appeal against straight lines.

The gable roof style is also very popular, in which the roof comes to a symmetrical triangle point and slopes downward. This type of roof allows for more screen room and additional interior space for ceiling fans and lights.

Also keep in mind the purpose of your screen room. If you want to use it for drinking coffee and reading the paper in the morning, the screen room should serve as an extension of the kitchen. If you’d rather use your screen room for gatherings and family time, it could work more as a living room space.  Second story screen rooms are also a possibility if you are looking for a bedroom extension.

The design of a screen room offers endless creative opportunity. From the simplest to the most elaborate, every screen room (seen here) can make a personal statement and add to your living space.